Sunday, July 25, 2004

Life Expectancy

I found a cool website to calculate your life expectancy. I believe they are using white American male's life expectancy age to start. For women I would add about 5 years before starting to calculate. Click here to calculate your life expectancy.

Night out

I just got home. I can't believe I've had this many late nights in a row. I haven't done this since my early college days. It's been fun. Meeting new people and not having to spend a lot of money because the guys are buying the drinks are very nice.

Jen and I went to Happy Hour Friday night at McCormick and Schmick's. It was really nice we met several nice men. Couple of lawers and a guy that in the Air Force.

I like meeting new people. As many as we've met ones bond to be a keeper. I think we've (Jen and I) met a few these last few weeks that are going to be great friends.

Do Not Go

Last night Jen and I were suppose to go meet some friends for a birthday party at Lush 1520 Greenville Ave., Dallas. I hate that place I will NEVER EVER go back and be humiliated like that again. We stood out side for about 30 minutes the friend we were meeting came outside to try and get us in and could not. I would never recommend anyone to go there to stand in line and feel crappy the way I did tonight. So we went up the street another bar and called the people that we were going to be meeting. They said we'll be down there in a little bit well an hour passed and there was no sign. I called him to find out where he was and got no answer on the cell so I text messaged him got no response. After about another hour or so we decided it was time to leave. So I call my friend that's still at the party to let him know that we are going, I get no answer. As the night goes on I called 30 minutes after the bars close and get no answer. I'm hating life right about now. Rejected because I don't look the part to get into the club and rejected by the boy that we were suppose to meeting. I know it wasn't his fault that we couldn't get in and it was his friend's party, so I could never really ask him to leave. I just wish that life wouldn't be so hard.

Denim Sunday

Today at church was the one year anniversary of the dedication of our Family Life Center. We all wore some sort of denim. Our District Superintendent was at church so this was the best sermon that I've heard out of our preacher since he came. Other great things about church is that we sang great old hymns and heard great old hymns sung. After church we had lunch at the church, hamburgers YUM. While we were eating we serenaded by great old hymns and gospel music, by a gentleman from our church. All together church made up for such a horrible evening.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Juaraz Mission Trip 2003

Last December we went to a part of Juaraz, Mexico called Tierro Nuevo. In this area of Juaraz we built two houses. The people living here are living in homes made out of packing flats and cardboard. When there is a fire it will take out several blocks of homes in just a few short hours. Building these homes for these families indescribable. The homes we are building are being made out of cinder blocks. The people living in Tierro Nuevo are people coming up from southern part of Mexico for jobs in the factories. Most of these families dayly wages hardly cover the taxes for the land they live on, so finding money to pay for house to built is out of the question. Pictures

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